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  • CNP Pro-Recover - 5kg - Thats 63 Servings!!!

    CNP Pro-Recover - 5kg - Thats 63 Servings!!!

    Large version of CNP's excellent tried and tested post workout shake. This shake is perfect to take after your workout to encourage growth and repair.


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  • PVL Mutant Mass - 6.8kg

    PVL Mutant Mass - 6.8kg

    This is the ultimate new, re-formulated lean muscle gainer you've been waiting for. It will help pack size on you in no time. The flavours are awesome too so you will savour every last drop of your shake. Gaining weight never tasted so good!!!!

  • CNP Pro-Mass - 2.5kg

    CNP Pro-Mass - 2.5kg

    A Premium weight gainer that contains premium proteins and carbs. Which are essential for adding mass.

  • CNP Pro-Amino - 500 Caps

    CNP Pro-Amino - 500 Caps

    CNP's muscle building Pro-Amino contains  the right ratio of amino acids which are the building blocks for muscle tissue.


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