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  • CNP Pro-Creatine - 500g

    CNP Pro-Creatine - 500g

    Ultra-fine creatine monohydrate in a larger, 500g tub. Supplies 80 servings. Perfect for anyone who is looking to increase strength and size and enhance recovery.

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  • CNP Pro-Whey - 2kg

    CNP Pro-Whey - 2kg

    Brand new Whey from CNP! Tastier and higher performing formula!
  • CNP Pro-Creatine E2 - 240 Tabs

    CNP Pro-Creatine E2 - 240 Tabs

    CNP creatine ethyl ester - no loading, no water retention, just strength & growth!


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  • CNP Pro-Flapjack x 1 Bar

    CNP Pro-Flapjack x 1 Bar

    Pro-Flapjack high protein bars provide high quality protein and complex carbohydrates which is perfect for anyone who is on the go or wants to increase the protein throughout the day.